Mmhmm. Teenagers. :/

Well, for starters, the reason they are called crushes, are because they are meant to hurt. Generally once everyone moves out of Highschool, crushes become less common because most people actually start to care.

Next, don't give religion the knock just yet. Not only can the practice a light in the dark, but can also be a bridge over a rift. I mean, I don't know what religion you follow (I don't even care lol), but when I find myself questioning why this or that happened, I can just look at what I believe in, and not only move on, but not mourn or lament. I have gotten through several issues in my life with belief alone.

Race is a misconception. We are all human. We are all flesh and blood (and some robotics). Not only are we all born the same way, but we all reproduce the same way. There are very little differences other than aesthetic and wanton flaws.

ACT, I cannot advise or comment on. Although, the best way to learn is to experience. Right?
Feb 27, 2011