grey72 So I come home from school to an empty house, cuz mum's out for business, and I'm hungry.
Let's rummage through the fridge I says, cuz I remember there was shitty frozen meatballs, leftover from the weekend. I also see a half-empty jar of shitty pasta sauce on the countertop. Outside the fridge.
So everything's here, let's make shitty spaghetti I say, and start frying up the balls and cutting some onion to go into the sauce. The balls are done. I dump in the sauce, turn it down to simmer and kick back, and I see something in the corner of my eye...
Why's the jar lid green?!
So yeah, The sauce got moldy and I had to chuck out perfectly good shitty meatballs. Now I'm hungry and we're put of food.
Guess I'll take a nap?
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