• Decided to start doing a update here once a month about what's gone on this month and what I plan on getting done over the coming month. I'll also include some pics and stuff where applicable, I'll also try and focus on the positive rather than beating myself up even more.

    Not gonna lie, it's been a bit of a slow month YouTube wise, at least when it comes to published content but I must thank both @VinsCool and @MicmasH_W for subscribing and their support. If anyone else here has subbed then I thank you too. This month really has been doing some more backend stuff, tuning audio, learning After Effects, ect but I can't lie this month really has been slow mainly due to pain and not really being in the place where recording videos. I did consider at one point cutting the video's down to 15 minutes per episode I don't think it would really help from a recording stand point, but may cut it down to about 20 minutes with an end card/outro so at the moment it's all a lot of thinking and trying to nail down a format that that I like and hope that other people like.

    The coming month is gonna be another quiet one as far as YT goes too. On Sunday I will be going to visit my family for a couple of weeks and won't get back until the 20th and the sad fact is my mum's internet sucks, but she doesn't need a connection like the one I have here, all she does is browse facebook. I may be able to get a video out of it tho. Every time I go up me and one of my brothers sit down for an afternoon and play Sensible Soccer ( The greatest football game ever created and you can't change my mind on that) so it might be fun to upload the matches we end up playing. After I get back tho I hope to start going at YouTube with full force and vigor. Last YouTube thing for this month, I've finally mounted my sub counter on my wall rather than having it sat on my speaker
    Don't ask about the pic of Prompto it's been there since last december now ​


    It's not been a bad month for me really, bought the Final Fantasy 8 Remaster. Even after 20 years my opinions on it haven't changed an awful lot. While not being the worst game in the Final Fantasy series it still doesn't grip me in the way that others in the series have, either gameplay or story wise. I'm not going to go into my usual diatribe on why I'm not this game's biggest fan, but can see why some people may like it.
    Over on the Xbox, I've been playing Yoku's Island Express and Bloodstained:Ritual of the Night. I have loved every second of YIE, is a cute fun exploration, puzzle ,pinball, collectathon game. It's not a long game by any means but what is there is very enjoyable and it's a nice and relaxing experience. If I had to level one criticism against it, it would be that the flippers are digital and not analog. Now I'm not a huge pinball nerd, I haven't touched a real table in about 20 years now, but it would have been nice to have that level of control there.
    I've also been enjoying Bloodstained. I never actual played much Castlevania growing up and i've kinda glossed over the series as a whole up until quite recently, but I've found Bloodstained quite engaging and with the number of save points, it allows me to dip in and out without leaving everything turned on.
    I have been tempted to play Enter the Gungeon on Xbox while its on GamePass. This is a game I have had to stop my self playing again . I've had it since its launch on PC, but never managed to get into it, then it popped up on PSN on for about £5 and I had the credit on there and thought I would give it another bash and boy did i give it a bash. I spent about a month solid playing it. I absolutely love the game from start to finish, the gameplay, the graphics and story are all absolutely perfect. I can't help but feel that im gonna end up getting a Enter the Gungeon tattoo at some point.

    Bonus ETG action from the July 4th - Originally streamed live on Twitch -​

    As for the coming month in gaming, I think the biggest thing will be the Medieval remake. To be honest there isn't a whole lot in the arse end of the year that i'm looking forward too. All the games I'm waiting for are slated for early/mid 2020 but im sure I will end up finding a couple of surprises here and there.

    I think that this is more than enough rambling for now. This has taken me way longer than I expected it to and I really need to get some food. There was some other stuff I wanted to talk about but oh well, maybe next month.
    If you have made it this far thanks for reading and take care.


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