• You know what I hate? Scratched discs that won't read.
    And oh boy, it's one of those days... again.


    This happens so often to me now. A few months ago, I bought a used copy of RalliSports Challenge 2 for the XBOX at a trift store, not the most ideal place to buy used games, but whatever. The game played fine, but when it was time for me to copy over the game to my hard drive, it would read everything EXCEPT for 3 files.
    Three. Whole. Files.
    The files were stages that were already unlocked. I played the game directly from disc, but the stages would load for some god for saken reason. And this isn't my XBOX, it's just this disc that has a teeny tiny scratch on the surface.

    And guess what, it happened to me again today. If you could see all scratches on this disc, you would say "oh jesus oh fuck who in their right mind jammed this disc in a TOASTER".

    CCI04022020_0003.png upload_2020-2-4_15-45-4.png
    does this trift store rub every disc in dirt before they sell it
    I think so, but that's just a theory. A Game Theory®! Thanks for watching!

    It took nothing but 2 seconds for me to realise this was not going to work. And surprise surprise, it didn't copy over. This isn't the only demo disc I bought, I got a stack of 6, but the other 5 look completely readable. Can stores just check if a game actually works or not?

    I'm not even going to try the toothpaste method, I tried it on my copy of RalliSports and there was no difference.
    Also, to prove to you I'm a sellout, I bought these demo discs, $1,50 each, but I do not own a PlayStation 2, nor a PlayStation 3. I just wanted to back them up.

    And uhh, yeah, just wanted to share this with you, trying to use the blog post feature more often instead of using it for shitposting on EoF.

    (Stay hydrated.)

    Also something to note, this is a black sleeve PS2 demo disc, I don't know if they were ever sold, included in magazines or if they were only ment to be in PS2 kiosks. Let me know.


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