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    A (soon to be headless) 4GB Raspberry Pi 4.

    I will be getting a 2GB model soon to swap it out with, so I can use the 4GB model for something else. It currently has Raspbian Desktop installed, and I've set it up to autologin and autostart Transmission seeding the files. This frees up my PC from having to do the seeding, I can seed indefinitely now, and it uses far less power than my desktop. That was my main concern, was leaving my desktop pc running overnight, using lots of power. Now the Pi will use FAR less, and will be a reliable ally to me. I have the files sitting on a 64GB USB thumb drive at the moment, but will switch over to an SSD when my 3D printed SSD wall-mount gets here. It's hardwired to my 1GB network, but can only seed up to 5MB/s (40Mb/s) due to my ISP holding back the upload speeds.

    I can control it from my phone using VNC, which is totally dope, in case I need to do any maintenance or update Raspbian OS.

    This is a screenshot from VNC Viewer on my phone:
    Screenshot_20210127-074332_VNC Viewer.jpg
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