• day two at 2:32pm

    today i had some tacos. they were very yummy and i had some very nice materials made out of edible stuff on it. i actually had more than some tacos i actually had every single combination of taco i could make with just 4 different food materials. the materials were salsa, leaves, cheese and beef that i cooked on a hot plate that i stole from science class maybe like 3 years ago or something. living in a cardboard box is really hard sometimes though. like we have many problems us box-giraffes such as the fact we need to exit out box to take a shit. last time i took a shit in my home i had some homeless guy come and fucking jizz in my feces. that was a very weird sight to see let me tell ya that.

    on top of all of that, motherfucker named howard decided to come and touch me again. last time he touched my earlobe but this time he touched my inner thigh. i was scared so bad man like i pissed myself on the spot. my pubes were like trying to hide from howards manly hobo-hands and i just sat there and yelled at him saying, HOWARD YOU MOTHERFUCKER I WILL EAT YOUR BABIES AND MAKE STEW OUT OF YOUR DOGS DOODOO AND FEED IT TO YOU AND THEN EAT YOU TOO and he was just staring at me like, what the fuck man i'm just trying to check your body for fucking ticks dude you like hired me to be your servant or whatevs and i just FLIPPED THE FUCK OUT I KARATE CHOPPED THAT BITCH RIGHT IN HALF AND THEN HE LIKE GREW A SECOND PAIR OF NOSES AND STARTED TO WALK AWAY ON THEM AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    so yeah. howard stole my fucking goldfish supply too.


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