brickmaker The white PS4 I bought turned out to be a lemon with BLOD. I was able to get it working using the chassis of another PS4, and by using extra washers under the APU heatsink mounts to squeeze the APU tighter against the motherboard.

My note to the seller: IMAG0165. IMAG0162. IMAG0163.

Hi, I received the PS4 today nice and fast thank you. I wasn't expecting a lot from a 'semi-working' PS4, and I was slightly surprised after plugging it in when it didn't turn on. Having serviced and fixed many consoles before, I have opened the console and you clearly have (or have had) an extreme humidity issue where this PS4 has been operated. This has caused the insides of the PS4 to rust and corrode with this humidity condensing on the internal metal components, particularly the chassis. I am not seeking anything further from you, but thought you maybe interested to see the hidden damage of running electronics in such a high humidity situation. Evaporative cooling should always be properly vented, conventional air conditioning dries the air and is best. I wish you and your electronics a long and prosperous life! :)


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