HarvHouHacker Since I have succeeded in ironing out the major bugs associated with Rock Band 3 hacking and have posted a guide which is at least 90% complete, I decided to go on to the next step: hacking Rock Band 2 for Wii!

You may think that it'll be easy to hack RB2 since I was able to do it with RB3 so well. However, all I did was take software that other people created and combined it in a repository. Then, I combined already existing guides by StackOverflow0x and Atruejedi and expanded on them by doing my own original research. I was able to figure out a few things on my own, but I didn't create any of the software I'm currently providing.

In the case of RB2, the RawkSD project was supposed to make it work where you didn't have to patch IOSes or downgrade your Wii System Menu version, but the project pretty much died while version 3.0 was still in beta. This poses a problem, as you only have two choices:

  • You can use RawkSD 2.0x, but only on the Wii or Wii Family Edition. It requires that you have IOS 37 patched, which means you have to have the Trucha Bug, and you have to be on a System Menu version that.s 4.2 or less.
  • You have to set your date back to sometime in December 2010 in order to use the RawkSD 3.0 beta.

A full list of problems can be found in this snippet of my GitLab repo. While my repo does have software that's over ten years old, RawkSD is not up-to-date enough to "just work". Therefore, I may have to abandon RawkSD altogether and build DLC just like I did with RB3. If that's gonna be the case, then my problem will be which files I need to make RB2 customs work right, and what alternate steps do I need to take in order to get RB2 customs working? There is no MSTORE.VFF in RB2, so I can't clear cache.

For those following my blog, you can comment here about customs on RB2, but there's also a thread where you can discuss it (Rock Band 2 Custom Songs in 2019+). Feel free to leave links with info on this, suggest software I can use, or simply just talk about it.
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