• Went ahead and sent my Switch right joycon for repair (local repair service, not Nintendo) since I have been experiencing intermittent issue with my A button being unresponsive and at random times double inputs, can be aggravating at times.

    I purchased my Switch in April 2018, everything was from the box, no replacement of Joycons whatsoever, it's a wonderful console that has provided me endless hours of fun on end and despite me being careful not to drop anything, putting away the system in a hard case when not in use in a safe place issue still occured. Well, I'm aware nothing stays perfect but I'm still surprised nonetheless.

    The guy said it's wear & tear and asked if I played any aggressive games? I said no fighting games or any games that requires me to bash buttons repeatedly.

    Repair was done in under 30 minutes, so for now I'm gonna resume playing my RPGs and hope the issue never returned.


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