eriol33 My ps4 has been collecting dust since January after finishing FF12 ZS. I am bit ashamed to admit I have played less games this gen compared to the previous period because you know, lack of time, work stuff, and I am learning data science stuffs at the moment (I am trying to shift my career from a data analyst to a data scientist). I have been spending most of my time to study after work and during weekends.

I had no interest to purchase a PS4 until atlus announced Persona 5 was going to be released on ps4. I bought my ps4 and persona 5 in 2016.

Three years later, I documented what games I have played and finished. the list is even shorter than the previous gen:
The Last of Us
Dishonored 2
Persona 5
Deus ex mankind divided
Middle earth shadow of mordor
Final Fantasy XII
Alien isolation

and here are the games that I finished in 3DS:
Super Mario 3D Land
Fire Emblem Awakening
Persona Q
Ace Attorney vs Layton
Ace Attorney 5
Fire Emblem Echoes

13 games in total, over 3 years. I have contemplated a lot whether I should continue being a gamer or just sell all my gaming stuffs and just watch video game let's play. But at the same time I feel I am going to lose something from my life. Studying, gaming, and writing fiction have become a coping mechanism to compensate my boredom, to stop playing video games feels like a departure of a hobby that used to comfort me.

I got gratification from studying data science. It does feel awesome when your code works, but I am not sure how healthy it is. Sometime I tinkering about code and job-related stuffs after work till morning and I feel it's "fun". When I play the current gen games, I feel less gratified. The open world games make one game to another feels so similar. Don't forget the endless subquests. I am so disappointed with FF XV that I stopped playing the game on chapter 10 and watched a let's play. That game barely has any story, yet filled with rubbish subquests.

Thankfully playing deus ex mankind divided from last gen introduced me to a genre that I really like (stealth). I gotta say Dishonored 2 is my most favorite game from this current gen. But I am yet to find another stealth game that is as fun as dishonored series (I wish deus ex mankind divided wasn't that short)

I am currently playing Horizon zero dawn (which progressed veryyyy slowly), and Persona Q2. But I am not sure whether I could ever finish HZD. the game seems going to take forever to finish.

So yeah, fellow gamers. I am in a dire need to play good games on PS4 that I missed, especially the ones released in 2013-2017.
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