Felek666 I kinda started progressing, not so fast but atleast I'm not rushing through anything.
I added Quake III Arena secretly to my list since I really wanted to play Quake lately and I was really hungry for a good old FPS game which wasn't just simple walk'n'fire like Doom.
Also i'm on Tier 6 "Master", Tier 7 is the final boss.

I really enjoy using railgun but it requires so much precision... well anyways onto other games.
I haven't really tried any NES/SNES game. I just re-completed Minish Cap again [And honestly, I had trouble with Final boss again. It still is so damn hard] and M&L:Superstar Saga for GBA. [Bruh, this time i went for POW only and I was down in 2 hits]

It's not really a month anymore but I kinda want to take my time and explore stuff casually.
TLoZ: OoT is kinda on hold, I mistakenly deleted my save [After I left Deku tree, how clever i'm] and I'll rerun it in like two weeks from now.
I also completed SMB for NES [Gee, who would have guessed?]

Previously, I just completed Doom so atleast that's something. [I have Doom 2 and 3 BFG left]
I'll also try to complete Quake saga since I really love playstyle of Quake. It's somewhat unique to what we have now.

Well, off to see ya in one week from now!
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