• day eleven at 3:11pm

    they say that experience is often better than experience. see that is the true words of wisdom. most people like you guys wouldn't understand that though. why? because you wont lol. nothing really to it. but anyways, i've been gone for some time. i actually have been back for a while though but i just haven't been writing my blogs because i was tired. i went to go camping for 3 days. and then right after that, i had to go measure this giant fucking mansion. so that took two days. we tore up all the temporary floor, over the warmboard stuff so we could mark down where to but the cabinets. that was cool hmmm what else happened? oh right. i wrote this awesome rap yesterday. and i is very very very very very very very very very very school appropriate. you can tell that i am full of shit right there due to my several verys i wrote. nice one tom that was a funny joke. anyways. i think i need to tell you all a story or something might be worth it after all if you are actually reading this and if you are well then you are now going to need to smile right now if you don't then you will see your crushes name appear on your screen. didn't smile did you. guess what you loser you just got pranked. yeah now you really don't want to smile lol.

    ahem. anyways, let me tell you all a short story. involving my butler howard.

    howard walks into my room at 3 in the morning. he jumps on me and starts to shave my leg. i ask him, howard what the fuck are you doing!? not this again! and then he responds with nothing tom i am just shaving your leg hairs because this spot tight here bothers me and every time i look at it i think of myself. and i don't want to think of myself. but he didn't actually say that that was just what he said cause i have to translate everything he says. so what he really said was rogennogenbogenhogen and i was like lol okay.

    so yeah then i went downtown and was like hell yeah i'm about to get some beer and i will have a very nice party with me myself and eyes. i looked to my left and saw this indian guy he had a stoner vibe to him so i was like yo ben chod you got some weed and he responded with no and i was like cool. so then he starts like staring into my soul. and smiles. i could feel my guts being sucked out into his mouth through the air and right through my skin i could feel it man. then i was like wait. this motherfucker is so high lol and so he just stared at me, and so i moved behind him and he just keeps staring straight ahead lmao. so yeah he literally stared into nothing for 20 minutes, and i even had lunch and came back, to see this little cunt was still there lmfao what a cool guy.

    he didn't have any weed though lol.
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