• This is going to be a quick rant, much unlike the previous ones... maybe even just a pet peeve of mine rather than a full-blown problem... but I always grit my teeth when it pops up, so in the best interest of my dentures I'm just going to say it.

    Stop saying "I could care less" unless you actually mean it.

    More often than not, people fail to write "I couldn't care less" and write "I could care less" instead for whatever reason. Something transpired in recent history, something that makes even native English users "brainfart" when they're trying (and failing miserably) to express that they are indifferent towards something. Use your brain for 5 seconds, people. Not only you're using a fixed phrase wrong, you're not even thinking about what you're actually writing.

    If you could care less about something, you're saying that you care about it to a certain extent and there is a possibility that you could care less about it.

    If you couldn't care less about something, you're saying that you care so little about it that you literally couldn't care less about it no matter what.

    Is that clear now? Can we please move on from this shameful chapter in human history and write this phrase proper again? Because I will start dispensing slaps across the face when I see it - end of the line, people. Damn, English isn't even my first language and it annoys me, I can't imagine what people who know the difference and are native English speakers and writers feel.

    Thank you for your attention.
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