• I have a fuck ton of facts laying around and I felt like they should be in my blog, so time for some random facts including old facts but worth bringing up again!
    I am a dating a girl named Casey
    Despite my youthful look, I was born August 9th, 1991, meaning I am 28 as of writing this post.
    I've been on hormones since April 18th, 2019
    I have difficulty hearing and processing sound around me.
    I tend to be extremely shy and have a hard time holding a conversation. Sometimes I vanish from conversations for long periods of time. I am a lot less shy the more I talk to someone.
    I am not a fan of making eye contact
    I a bit on the spectrum in way too many ways.
    I am a bit of a well-known perv and I tend to flirt when I am comfortable with someone.
    I am not a Windows user, I will use anything from Linux, BSD, to macOS (which is just BSD at its core.)
    I mostly live on a vegetarian diet because I am allergic to meat.
    I would consider my sexuality to be best described as "pansexual," but I mostly date women (cis and trans,) femmes, and other non-binary folks. There are some men that I would date.
    I am a non-binary demigirl, personally I prefer "they/them" pronouns but I am also fine with she/her from friends and loved ones.
    I am a college student studying psychology and social psychology.
    I have an online persona named "Lilith Valentine." They are a shape-shifting non-binary succubus that started out as a semi-anthro wolf named "Lone Heart" when I was 12. Since then they were a "catboy" named "The Catboy" and Miko Bootstraps who was just a masc non-binary character later femme, then to Crystal the Glaceon, from there to Femcario the Lucario, then to Lilith Valentine the wolf-husky most people know, finally Lilith Valentine the succubus.
    My favorite Pokémon is Charmeleon, my second favorite is Umbreon, and my third is Lucario
    I am a huge Spider-man fan and I have been for pretty much entire life.
    I mostly game on PS4 and Switch, sometimes PC if I can.
    My favorite video game console of all time is the original Xbox
    My favorite video game of all time is Yoshi's Island on the SNES and with Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky at a close second.
    My favorite anime of all time is Squid Girl or the full/Japanese name, Shinryaku! Ika Musume
    I am a modder and I love to hack my electronics. I also tend to do hardware repairs.
    I wear cat ears everywhere and a fox tail any other than work. I do this in reference to my confusing gender, catgirls being connected to trans girls and foxes being ambiguous for non-binary. I also wear these because I am a furry and just enjoy wearing them.
    I tend to dress in a rather goth/emo/punk style.
    I am red-green colorblind
    I am rather short at 5’4.
    That is a fuck ton of random facts about me!
    Bonus fact, "Succubus facts" is not actually based on the real lore around succubus. It's presented in-character as Lilith talking about facts about herself, which is based on lore for a webcomic my girlfriend and I are working on.
    The Lilith picture of the day is the Christmas avatar Casey made me! So cute~ <3


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  • Reynardine
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