• I have received the Save Dongle device in the mail just yesterday and I was fascinated at the sleek design of this peripheral. I plugged it into my computer and it was automatically recognized and was set up instantly. The programs are easy to use as well and can be found on the R4i site to download. Whenever there is an update for this device you just plug it in and follow the instructions on the main site. This device is compatible with both 3DS and DS games. I have tested it with Ocarina of Time 3D and it has created a backup of my save and then borrowed another cart from a friend and restored the save onto his cart using my backup save and it worked successfully.

    I recommend this cart to anyone who owns a 3DS but shares among family members or friends so that you can keep your personal save intact while they can borrow your cart worry free of the data stored. I am happy to have used this device and I hope to see more of the R4i Team's work in the near future.


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