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  • My DSi is now officially a stud. Well, not completely, since its just the fact that the upper-screen back-light won't turn on thus making the ds turn off.

    My DSi has been through a lot of stuff. It was dying slowly, for about a year or so. It started when there was a blackout in my house, and my DSi was charging. After the light's got backed, I witnessed the most terrifying thing I could have ever imagined - the charging LED on my DSi was blinking. I then found out what was the problem, a broken fuse. I sent my DSi to a guy who fixes mobile phones and consoles, but he had never saw a ds. So I told him that my fuse has blown, and he ruthlessly soldered a piece of metal on the fuse. That was only the beginning...
    After that, I had to dissemble my DSi dozens upon dozens of times in order to fix the screen flickering problem (the solution was right under my nose, but I ignored it, and I thought it was a problem with the e-cable connection), thus, the screws in my DSi became unspeakably dull to such an extent that it was impossible to unscrew them. After that, I got rid of some screws, and since I couldn't get any, I just had to leave it screwless.
    My upper screen started to act very weird, it started to have blue tints, sometimes red. I thought it was a screen problem, but it wasn't, since I was able to overcome the problem for a few seconds by pressing on the little spot over the start and select buttons. Also, if I was to bend my DS a little, then it would turn off and not turn on again unless I charge it. Sometimes, it just loaded the lower screen with a black background and yellow characters. I had no idea how I was able to trigger that. And now, it won't show the upper screen backlight, and its super-sensitive to any movements (that means that it likes to shut-down a lot).
    The worst part is, I was playing Ace Attorney on it :(, so I won't be able to play it again...
    Yeah yeah, you're all going to say "hurr durr, just sent it to nintnendo!"- I'd love to, but the nearest place I can send it is 3,341 miles away.

    R.I.P Nintendo DSi (2009-2012).

    Should I get a 3DS now? :creep:
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