Stealphie Hi! This is my review of Cuphead!

Starting things, this game looks and sound amazing!
This is the most unique looking game that i ever played!
Now, let's get to the core game.
It's kinda similar to contra in gameplay, you can shoot using the X button (Y if you are playing it on the Nintendo Switch), crouch, aim, use you'r super, etc.
You have many different types of shots that you can use.
You can bring 2 with you for every level.
Also, you can play Cuphead entirely with a friend.
Run and Gun levels are easily the worst part of the game.
They aren't bad, don't get me wrong, but some enemy placements, are not good.
Bosses are the main selling point.
Now, my main problem with cuphead is,
It's terrible in cuphead, hard games need to have decent rng to feel like: Ok, i lost because did something wrong.
But in cuphead, for example, if you are fighting a side scroller boss, sometimes you will NEED to take damage because the platforms spawned too far.
and i wanted to break my controller and my switch multiple times because of this TERRIBLE rng.
Also, you can't finish the game on Simple, and the Devil boss fight is just ok.

From a 0 to 10 scale, i rank Cuphead:

7.8/10 -If it the RNG was good, this would be a 8.5, but with that Terrible RNG, yeah, a 7.8.

Do i recommend Cuphead?
Yes! but only if you can tolerate unfair deaths at every level/boss.
The Switch version has framerate issues.
And yes, this game is overrated.
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