Finally uploaded my first (free) album on YouTube after a long while since the release...
I was waiting for an album art, and Tomycase did it great in my opinion.
This is an album inspired by Portal 2 (also has some remixes), almost all songs can be modified to be dynamic like the soundtrack of Portal 2. Hope you'll like it!

Download on SoundCloud:

Track List:
01 - Reconstructing Science (Alone Mix)
02 - Reconstructing Science (Test Chamber Mix)
03 - Test Chamber 01
04 - Escape Track
05 - Escape Track -Blind-
06 - Broken Science
07 - The Courtesy Call (Alone Mix)
08 - Tough Thinking
09 - Wanting to be Seen
10 - Seeing the Light
11 - Seeing the Light (Piano)


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