• Hey Rockers! Haven't posted a blog post in a while, so I thought I'd share something I just came up with today: Puzzles! Basically, it's a series of logical riddles in which not everything is as it seems. Some of these riddles are completely made up, but others are modifications of existing riddles, told Harvey style.

    Ready? Get your brain in gear! :teach:

    First Riddle - An Unusual Operation

    Okay, so this first one is completely made up. This one is about two people named Joseph and Mary. Their names aren't really relevant, but their situation is. Mary and Joseph are both in need of medical attention, so they are rushed to the hospital. While there, Joseph is pushed, then slapped until he cries. The doctors also cut a part of him off. Strangely, when it's all over, Joseph is absolutely fine, but Mary is in a lot of pain and must stay bed-ridden until she heals. Explain why this happened.

    Second Riddle - Running Around in Circles

    Perhaps you know this one, but maybe you don't. Anyhow, here's a guy named William. He's a normal average guy, but with an unusual profession. Not one of those desk jobs, either; he does this for a living. For this job, he goes out to his field and swings around a stick. If he swings it good enough, he then runs off to his right. He makes a turn to his left and runs some more. He turns left and runs twice more, and when he gets home, he sees two masked men waiting for him. Explain what's going on here.

    Third Riddle - Something You Can Shake A Stick At

    You all may know Lewis Carroll; he is the author of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, which Disney has combined and adapted for film twice. Not many people know, though, that he was also a master of puzzles, and made up a few of his own. He would take a simple operation and make it sound so unusual, it wouldn't seem possible to solve, but the solutions (when not requiring mathematics) are typically easy. However, some are a bit dated (one is about a writing tablet - and I'm not talking about an iPad!).

    This puzzle, fortunately, can still be solved today, and is actually quite interesting. Imagine Lewis standing before you, with a stick he found outside that weighs exactly two pounds. He uses a saw to cut the stick into eight pieces, and puts them on an old-fashined scale, with unmarked weights on one end, to show you that each piece weighs exactly the same. Then he asks "How much does each piece weigh? Careful - the answer is NOT a quarter of a pound!" What is the actual weight of each piece of stick?

    Fourth Riddle - What Day is it?

    This one's pretty easy, especially if you have a calendar handy, but if you want to challenge yourself, don't look at one. Today is April 31st. This is a double lie - one truth is that this post is actually (originally) dated September 29th. What is the other truth?

    If I think of more riddles, I'll either edit this blog post or post a new one. Happy solving!

    Note: Please do not look at other people's comments for the answers! Submit your answers before reading the comments.
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