• I bought a secondhand Vita not too long ago but its condition was significantly worse than described.
    Some of the scratches on the screen were even visible while the device was powered which kept grating on me, so I decided to look for a replacement.

    Original: the lower left scratch was especially nasty


    Opened up. It definitely was well used


    New vs. old screen. New one is red which was a Japan-exclusive color
    together with a blue version. It looks very nice and even better in person


    Disassembled. The Vita is very repair-friendly


    And back together.The buttons were pretty dusty so I gave them a clean.
    Cleaning them seems to have fixed a sticky O button as well, win-win


    Reassembled completely. Unfortunately the left stick had drift issues after the
    transplant which didn't seem fixable, so I ended up ordering a new stick.
    Screen is nice though and completely flawless


    And open it went again. New stick at the top; cost quite a bit but seems
    exactly the same as the originals


    And finally it's on and functioning again! Transplanted the serial # stickers
    from the original shell as well but the corners were a bit peeled


    I didn't replace the back so it still looks like it lost a 15 round cage fight
    against a cactus. But hey, that's what a grip covers pretty nicely.
    Wish people would take better care of their stuff though.



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