• Well it's that time of year again when I must take stock of on going projects and what better place to come up with excuses to why I haven't been doing stuff than GBAtemp !


    As much as I would have loved to have a lot more content out right now, it just hasn't been possible - Health has really been a big issue here and i just haven't been felt up to switching persona's and being all bright, cheerful and sarcastic. I've been put on a new diabetic medication and it has really knocked me for 6. I was expecting a gradual decrease in my blood sugar levels but this stuff has just tanked it. It was too the point where it was sending me too far the other way. So I have had to monkey around with my other meds to balance it out. When your blood sugar goes from 12.5 to 3.4 your body just sits there screaming what the fuck dude. Y'all be happy to hear that it's now leveled out around 6.1 which is in the normal range. But all this has been on top of copious amounts of Codeine and Morphine to treat pain so I have been more than a little out of it the last couple of weeks. And if i have misunderstood anyone then i'm sorry. Despite lack of content I have gained more than a handful of subscribers so someone somewhere seems to be liking what I have been doing. Also for whatever reason the second part of the Secret of Monkey Island playthrough seemed to be cursed. I had to have recorded it at least 4 times and even when i managed to record and edit it, it just didn't seem like my best work. I'll get there.

    Project 108 :

    Still not titled and I don't care at least for now. There isn't really too much of an update other than coming up with a couple of systems to implement. The bigger of the two is how the economy will work. Basically there will be 2 main factors at play here. What is happening with the story and what the player is doing. So if in the story for instance, trade routes get blocked off for some reason, prices of weapons and armour with rise until the block has been resolved one way or another. In the case of player actions, if the player starts grinding for item X and selling them at a town then the price the town will buy them at will also lower. This will all tie in to your main base too.

    Bertha :

    She has grown and currently weighs 1.27Kg ​

    IBM 5150 :

    Not much I can do at the moment - The machine requires a full recap and the power supply requires a replacement, but It shouldn't be too difficult to get it to the spec the client wants.


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