• I never tried blogging. Outside of two-three very short experiences. Talking about what I had in mind didn't brought enough content, and I very quickly hit a stop. However, by reading @Taleweaver 's blog posts, I felt a bit motivated, so I went through some and saw some ideas I want to toy with.

    So, here I am. Izual Urashima, 34 years old, unemployed with various job experiences (office worker, security agent, computer repair, community manager), living in Belgium. I like reading, writing on occasion (I'll come on it in future blog posts, as it's a content idea I keep in mind) and of course playing, with a huge focus on RPGs, retro games, puzzle games and, weirdly, idle games. Nice to meet you, I guess ?

    Main language is French, but GBAtemp has a policy of English being the main language around, and it's common sense and decency to follow the local rules. Still, if you see something pop up in another language during one or another post, or if some wording strikes you as odd, you'll know where to search for translations.

    I'll wish me luck. If only to be able to create content to last a month. We'll see beyond that.


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