Chary I'm not one for making blogs a common thing, especially already having done one yesterday, but I felt since this has some big stuff, I'd like to just write it out here.

Today, I got my car back! "Again?" You say? Well, it had initially been fixed a week and a half ago, and given back to me after insurance paid for it to be repaired. But there were still issues with it, and it broke down right off the lot. Today though, it's been fully repaired and runs just as it used to! Woohoo! They even fixed the USB ports in the cup holder part! The water was up past the ignition, and I'm stunned that the mechanics were able to fix it. Good on them!

Pretty pretty car!

And, not only that, but the pipes in my new house were finally fixed! It's live in ready, and all I need to do is set up the water utilities and get some internet again! Heck yeah! I'll have to take pictures once I've got some furniture and it's all decked out :D

I'm super psyched to get back into posting news and reviews and everything, really! Crazy stuff keeps happening through all this, but it's hard not to be happy, lately! Things are definitely looking up more and more with each passing day!

Thanks for reading, and thanks everyone, again, for your kindness and generosity!


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