• Hello world of GBAtemp!

    Welcome back to saulfabreg Wii VC, and this awesome world of Wii!

    Well, in this blog entry I will show you some possible icons for the new tool made by me NeoGeo game.bin.z Generator & iNJECTOR for new NG Wii VC WADs, that will be released soon to the public on GBAtemp!

    Well, I'm finishing this aewsome tool, and I'm finishing to debugging it, but I can't decide what of these icons should I use for the all-new tool!

    Here's the possible icons for the new tool, please choose one of them:

    ICON # 1:


    ICON # 2:


    ICON # 3:


    ICON # 4:


    Have you chosen what icon do you want the tool to have? Tell me in the comments, and the icon with most votes will be used for my new tool! Hurry because this will finish in just THREE (3) DAYS! :)

    Greetings to all!! :D


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    Greetings to all!!!

    saulfabreg - @SaulFabre
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