Nerdtendo My Backstory:

Picture this, the year is 2002. It's a cold February morning. The 6th generation of consoles is beginning and the future is bright for gaming. All of a sudden, you fall gracefully out of the womb.

Hi, my name is Nerdtendo. The story above is mine. Am I a millennial? Gen Z? I have no fricking clue. What I do know is that I missed out on a ton of games while growing up. You see, I didn't get a gamecube until about 2007, didn't get a Wii until about 2011, and didn't get a Wii U until I bought my own in 2016. Up until a month ago, I didn't have a computer that could run anything more intense than plants vs zombies.

Now that I have my own job, and am no longer a filthy Nintendo purist (I still love Nintendo but I can actually look at other games now), I can start enjoying the games I missed. This blog series is devoted to discussing largely popular and/or viral games that are no longer as popular nor the topic of every video game media outlet and offering a fresh, non-nostalgia blinded perspective. The first game on my list? Valve's famous cake simulator, Portal.

Game info:

- Release Date: October 10, 2007 (I was 5)
- Developer: Valve Corporation
- Platform(s): Window, Xbox 360, PS3, OS X, Linux, Android
- Genre: Puzzle-Platformer


Gameplay explanation

Level Design:

Level design explanation

All in all, I love the level design of Portal. In one word, the design is clear. Clear goals, clear instructions, and clear rooms (seriously, those things are empty). If there's one thing I dislike, it would be that I feel like there aren't enough techniques or mechanics introduced. I wouldn't want them to aHdd too many more so it's overwhelming, but two or three more would definitely provide an interesting challenge.


The story

I think the story telling is great, it's light-hearted and funny up until the last leg when things take an uneasy and tense turn, after you win, you return to funny, easy going quips and it gives you a perfect lead up to the sequel.


There is none. Like, almost none at all. I don't know if I'd prefer a metroid approach with "lonely" sounding music but what it has (nothing) works.


In a nutshell, that's Portal. A good idea mixed with great execution and charming storytelling equals an incredibly satisfying game. It'll really make you think but never puts you in a position where you feel helpless. It lets you experiment and try new things without letting you get hopelessly lost. It's short too, only taking about 6 hours to complete the main campaign. Graphically, it's a little dated with rough models all around but graphics aren't too important to me. It really is a great game and I'm glad I played. If you haven't played it yet (though I think I'm the last person to play it) go do so. right now, you can get both games for literally $1.50.

Thanks for reading fellas. This is something I'd love to continue as I play through my backlog. I'll mess with the formatting but I think this is decent for a first try. If you like it, feel free to tell me so I make more, if you hate it, tell me and I'll never do this here again. The point of these are to encourage discussion on older-but-not-quite-retro games and to offer a fresh perspective from the younger generation.


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