Uiaad So I just had the weirdest phone conversation with someone repaired a C64 for, but before I get to that I should explain a little. When I get a machine in first thing I do is create it a log book - basically a little book that can follow round with the machine that says what's been done by me, what I can definitely has been done in the past and anything I would recommend in the future on the back page. This is usually attached to the machine somewhere inside out of the way or if there is no room then it's just handed to the client (I will usually give them a second copy anyway)

Anything that's in the recommended I always talk to the client about because it's here and rather than them sending it back to me in 6 months time, I can just get it out the way. As I say this is all discussed.

Anyway so this guy's C64 comes in for not booting, brown screen. so he sends it in I socket and replace the damaged chip. I do a little cleaning and other bits and pieces of testing. Came down the capacitors on the board were starting to bulge - a sure sign that they are gonna no shortly and and the power supply were sending out some odd (but not out of tolerance or dangerous) voltages. So I called him up and tell him the problem has been fixed but you also have these issues. He said not to worry he already had a new supply coming and would get it recapped at a later date. So I close it up, ship it back, jobs a good un ,life's good.

***6 months later***

*phone rings*
Him :(angry) is this Uiaad ?
Me: yeah, how can i help ?
Him : My C64 isn't working your work is crap
Me: Sorry who is this ?
Him : this is AngryDude
Me: Has the chip gone again ?
Him : No it wont turn on at all and when i was playing it last night i heard a pop and it turned off and now it wont turn on
Me: did you get the caps and power supply replaced ?
Him : you said you did it.
Me: No, I said it needed doing
You: You said you did it and this book said you did it
Me: Did you pay for me to do it ?
Him : No but ...
Me: What does it say at the top of that page ?
Him : Future Recommend...
Me: That's right. Not under work completed. If you want to ship it to me I will gladly fix it
Him: I'm not paying for it
Me: If you don't pay then i'll just refuse delivery. I've done exactly what I said I'd do and you paid for that service. Nothing more nothing less.
Him : I'm gonna sue you fucking c**t you fucking piece of shit
Me: Well I wish you the best of luck with that.

and I hung up.

I just don't get people like that ... I really really don't. It's not even like I charge the earth either. I charge for parts, shipping a very tiny amount on top for my labor. If they had gone anywhere else they would have easily been charged between 5 and 10 times what I do. The only time they pay a little more is if i end up creating some custom parts or they buy a hand created product. A good example of this would be if he had wanted a new power supply, he wouldn't have just been paying for the time to assemble and fit the new one (its retro-fitted inside the old power supply which is a pain in itself ) he'd have been paying for the time to develop and my experience.

As far as angry dude goes tho I'll give him a week and then give him a call see if he's cooled off and if he can talk like a decent person if, not i'll just lose his number


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