• TL;DR: I'm doing well, feel free to talk to me, I'm different now I guess lmao.

    There comes a time when you must take a break. Not due to necessity, nor due to ignorance, but rather, to reconsider your actions and your personal life choices.
    This was not that time.
    I left on the 22nd of October from the temp as a joke, expecting to come back on Halloween and spam. Yeah, that didn't happen. So where have I been? What have I been doing?
    Well, I was supposed to imitate one banned member a day. And uh I was planning a Halloween Party with my personal friends. The Halloween Party ended up taking priority and I didn't visit the temp. However, I did say some pretty questionable things in the EOF Discord Server.


    And other people thought so too.

    Yeah, something changed inside me that day. I simply started giving no fucks sometimes. It was weird.
    After Halloween, I was gonna return to the temp, but schoolwork. A lot. Too much. Hell, I still have 2 missing assignments from that week that I'm working on right now. But after the schoolwork I felt a sense of accomplishment. Not from the schoolwork though. I Hadn't gone on the temp in more than a week.
    So then I posted this.
    Yeah, that was a lie. I'm here right now, aren't I?

    ...This was also a lie.
    So after that I was just enjoying life you know? I made new friends, discovered new passions, bought Among Us and played it with Stealphie, cursed people, used racials slurs, uh, stopped being a retard, slowly became more inactive, went outside more, uh yeah. Don't know what to say. Oh, I managed to get through the entirety of November without hearing Christmas song. Honestly I was gonna type more but I spent 5 minutes on this and that's already too much.
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