• day six at 8:27am

    day six already? damn, too bad i have to go. well. actually it might be a good thing if i go lol because the amount of time i have spent outside, since this whole zombie thing started is maybe like... idk 3 hours total? so yeah. i've been outside that long. insane right. honestly, i'm just fine with having no sunlight. i enjoy being a vampire really! it's nice to just sit in my room and play video games with my bon- with my computer and shit. lots of fun. but now see i have to stop the cycle! it is tearing me apart i know it is! i can feel it deep down in my bones... i have a tickle in my throat and it's not because i was sucking penis you fools it was actually because i just choked on some ice tea powder dust mixing stuff lol. anyways i think it is time for a story.

    this story is going to take part today. this happened today. so, just to make it clear to you that this happened today. i will say this. and that is that this story that i said happened today on the day of today actually happened today. okay? good. so.

    today i went to the store. yeah ikr like what freak goes to the store at 8am lol what a loser WELL TOO BAD I DID NOW SHUT THE FUCK UP okay thanks anyways so i walk into seven eleven and was like yo what'z up ma homie and the clerk was all like nuthin much doggo whuchu byin and i was like i'll take a duble duble cof if ya no wut i mean and then i wink like a few times and he was like bro. the fuck you winking for lol and i was like ohhh you know... da coffee and i wink a few more times and then this motherfucker was all like dancing and shit with his toes and his fists up in his nostrils and i just backed away slowly and went to a different store lol.

    fast forward to when i was at that store. i walk in the same way, and i say the same shit and i wink the same amount of times... except this time the clerk knew exactly what i was talking about so like the dude making my coffee was all like trying to start conversation and i just kept shutting him down lol cause well i don't want to hear that freak talk lol so yeah he gave me my coffee and the motherfucker charged me 60 bucks like what the fuck!? so i give him a 20 dollar bill and say keep the change taco and i fucking ran outside to catch some bus lol and the fucking clerk was like screaming at me saying COME BACK HERE YOU THEIF and i screamed back SHUT THE FUCK UP HOWARD YOU SLUT and yeah.

    howard then came home and was fired lol what a fucking noob.


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