Oh No!

defunct32 By defunct32, Dec 2, 2020 5 4

  • Okay, so I thought I would get my hands on an OG 3DS (2011) Aqua Blue and add it to my collection but I'm having a hard time finding a quality (by my standard: almost mint) used one that hasn't been abused to hell and back (who would have thought used = abused?).

    IMHO the 2011 3DS has the best 3DS design as well as colors; sleek, compact, pretty shade/hue/whatever and a glossy finish is definitely smexy to me, yes, yes! Even though I am aware the New 3DS iteration is the best one among all of 'em I still want the OG Aqua Blue.

    After a century of searching online I found a local seller who lives just a block away whom is letting his Aqua Blue 3DS go at $70, I figured with that price I can accept a few flaws maybe some light scratches, bits of peeled off paint you know?

    I was excited cause, gurl, what a steal?

    Today we met at the lobby.

    1. Surface is looking good, some faded trademark wordings on the back but I'm still breathing; life goes on.

    2. Open up! ....

    - Cracked d-pad; like it could fall apart at any time.
    - ABXY is loose as hell!
    - Circle Pad's rubber surface is kinda... I dunno sticky?
    - Dented home button.

    The biggest offender: top screen full of stuck pixels like they were having some kind of party and each time I turn the system at an angle the stuck pixels changes color, fuck this shit.

    I rejected it of course. I don't know why people think it's okay to sell your stuff in that kind of state and thought "oh yeah, sure, It's beaten and bruised but am selling it for cheap, not for fussy buyers." Oh please.

    I ended up spending the $70 on foods and drinks, best decision of my life.

    The hunt continues.



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