• My last blog post was in November, time for a new one. What has happened to me since the last update?

    Not much, really. The only notable thing I can think of is that I recently started taking ADHD medication again after about two years of not taking anything. I started it back in January. It feels like I can actually kinda keep focus on things now, and my mind and thoughts aren't a constant jumble of randomness. This all goes away when the medicine wears off, although by that time I'm usually already home and done with my work for the day. The dosage I'm taking is based off what I was taking back around 7-8th grade, and I've changed a lot since then... I'll probably have to change dosage if this amount doesn't work out for me.

    Other than that? Nothing interesting.

    Moving on... I can't believe it's 2020 now, even though it's already February.
    I'm surprised at how fast things seem to move by in life, even though it all keeps on going at the same rate. I'm also a bit surprised (and thankful) at who I've turned out to become these past few years.
    It still feels like just yesterday I was just another 13 year old kid about to start his freshman year at high school, shy as hell and having no friends to speak of. Now I'm almost done with my sophomore year and I turn 17 later this year. I have a small but great group of friends that although we can seem very different from each other, I know I can count on them if I have to. It might not seem like a very long time to you, but to me it seems like an entire lifetime and a half.

    Moving on (again...), I've recently been thinking about the future. I don't have much time left until I have to start making decisions that will ultimately affect what I do and where I end up in life. As for my high school years, I'll stick with what I got. I greatly enjoy doing fencing and I've noticed that I've gotten stronger and my physical health has gotten better since I started taking the course. Next year, I'll be taking a newly-offered guitar class at my school so maybe I can learn to play.
    After that, though? No clue. I'll need to start doing research into things like colleges and determine what's best for me. (Since PSAT scores have been released, I've gotten letters from various colleges and universities. They all have the same premise to them all though, even though they come from different places. Not exactly too helpful.) I'm also considering looking for a part time job soon so I can start earning some spending money and get some sort of experience.

    wow that was a long post, after all that i can't exactly come up with a good outro text so uhhhhhh
    have a good one and stay kind :)


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