• I never feel like there's enough time in a day to do everything. Like, I wake up at 2 or 3 PM, go "Fuck, I slept in. I'll sleep at midnight tonight instead, I've got some sleeping pills I can use to help."

    Then it's 11:50 PM. And I should be ready for bed.

    But I'm not.

    I still want to do more things. More games to play, work on music, talk to my friends, work on my Magic decks, et cetera. So I just think "I'll sleep at 1:30 or 2 instead. There's no way I could even sleep this early."

    Then it's 2:30 and I'm in a voice chat with a friend, and I don't wanna say goodbye yet, regardless of the fact we both needed to sleep 2 hours ago. Or I'm in the middle of a game. Or I just gotta write down this one kickass riff..

    And it's 3:30 AM now. Fuck. Okay, at least I can sleep at 4. Let's get ready for bed.
    I brush my teeth, clean my face, take off my glasses.. And let's check GBATemp, I think I have new alerts. And maybe say something in the Insignia server. Check up on the RC24 server. Now it's 5:45 AM and the sun is up. And I'm still not really tired. Maybe it's just my ADHD. I have no clue, but no matter what, every day seems to work out like this. Maybe I shouldn't beat myself up about it so much, it's not like I'm gonna go anywhere and do anything with the coronavirus pandemic still happening.

    Any advice?


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