• Warning this might get a little salty but please hang on, it tackles the backup situation and nd a multi-console title problem many may not have (yet).

    I responded in a thread about whether N would release a new console soon I say if they did it would def. have more internal space 32>>>64 or 128.

    I now have between 120 more 150 paid titles between 2 switches. I don't know exactly how many as I find managing them between the two a challenge, It is my hope someone reading this, may have the same challenge and has found a way to deal with it. Since N makes you choose one of the consoles as Primary and the other as secondary..

    When installing titles on one, they show up as installed on the other, whether they are or not. Since the icons are the same installed or not, it gets difficult to tell when quickly scanning visually to tell just before choosing, which game is installed in which console without selecting the "+" and see is it is installed or just the icon? (More on this silly ness latter...

    To be clear, you can tell whether a card needs to be put in when it's not already but you can't tell from one console to the other (before hitting the button) which console has the game installed, (downloaded/updated, etc) except based on memory alone. This has caused numerous wasted hours and lost game time.

    Managing 130 - 150 + games, checking to see if each is updated, each time another needs updating requires 6 clicks per game!, that's more than 730 button presses each time you want to be sure they're all up to date.

    I don't know about you but I call that a dam clumsy system. Someone needs to come up with, oh I don't know, say a Macro !?!?, that checks which ones NEED updating, then allow YOU to choose which ones to updates: check the boxes and then finally update all in ONE button press and at the same dam time. (This assumes all those you've checked you want to be updated, as we don't all want them all updated for various (sometimes nefarious) reasons:))

    I have two 400 Gb SDHC cards one on each console, I don't trust these Terrabyte ones yet and the prices on the 512 don't equate to me yet, so I've trying to keep some larger games on the home console and others on my more portable switch lite. Apparently, N's system doesn't like this. N want's you to have (basically) the same list of games on both. As you install a game on one, [the title] it shows up on the other without your installing it! Also, If it is already installed on console A and you delete it from console B, it also deletes it from console B.
    Now You can Archive it... but you can't delete it but you are going to find yourself clicking to the archived icon (thinking it is the installed game) and accidentally) initiating another install of the game all over again. This system bites, it is just clumsy and amateurish at best. Nintendo needs to hire someone, a network admin, with experience-friendly User interfaces and let them do what they KNOW how to do with style, and stop this childish shit.

    Don't EVEN get me started about their Back up system between two consoles using the same game: which can't figure out which is the more recent game save. It sees the 2 dates and times but can't calculate the differences between the two? which is newer and which is older? Hello? Duh? That last one is laughable and inexcusable on a professional level. Most children can figure that one out! It seems that's asking too much of Nintendos paid backup services; WE have to decide which is newer and which is older. This was something we paid their programming to do.. in reality, we decide about 10-20% of the time but still!?!?!

    I'm not trying to be arrogant and say I and a superior programmer but SOME of this stuff IS programming 101 for beginners my Fing G-d!

    Anyway, On a lighter note... If you have a similar situation with a lite and a switch original and management issues and wish to share your solutions I am open to any and all ideas as I am exhausted of them. Hope you enjoyed (tolerated) empathized/ related to this.. rant.fe dr

    Thanks, You've been a great audience, there are free drinks at the back of the room, for those staying.

    PS I do hope you will forgive my rant just a bit, I am a retired A.F. Vet, working 4 days a week at a food bank for some [seemingly ungrateful sods] and I suffer from a quite severe delta sleep deprivation problem, due to nightly sleepwalking (ugh good I hate this, on my feet all day AND night)), Already long story shortened I am overworked and dam tired. The last thing I need to wrestle with a game not being a game, on my almost nonexistent time off.

    Everyone stay safe and have a great year.
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