• Ahoooy! I don't really spend much time doing personal blogs but I'm in the mood for a writey write and while I have plenty of things I should be writing instead of this, I'm gonna get this out of my head instead!

    With my third year of university behind me and my results acquired being more than adequate to get me onto the fourth year for Masters, I've moved into my new place and just about finished getting my room in order. I adore it; to say it's double the size of my previous room would be accurate. Everything feels so spacious and open! I think I showed Chary and a few others doing Twitch my old room, I'm sure they'd attest to this. Anyway, I'll throw a few pictures in so you can see my current digs.

    upload_2018-7-8_15-9-36.png upload_2018-7-8_15-10-25.png
    To give a little narration to the layout, we have my lovely bed on the left with three blankets my mother put together for me. It's too warm for duvets in summer, so I just sleep under however many I need to stay warm. The TV on the left is hooked up to my PC, which you can see below my desk. It's a little shitbox, but it's my little shitbox. It tries its best. Listening to Hamilton as I write this, which is why you can see the album cover on the screen. The desk has my other two monitors, my microphone, and an open notebook because I'm studious and stuff. You'll have to excuse the abhorrent white glow coming from the window, I maybe sorta pulled my blinds off the wall a few days ago. I'm getting new ones in a few days though, so it's not all that big a deal.

    So that's my room. The other cool thing is that I've got a full time job over summer working for my landlord. Basically minimum wage, but they're giving a month's free rent with it too, so it's a good deal considering bills are included with rent. The work itself isn't all that interesting; clearing out houses, gardening, just things to get the places ready for the coming academic year. There are perks though! Whatever people leave behind or is being replaced, we can just take for ourselves. In my room, you can see the TV and the stand it's on; I managed to nab those since they're replacing the TVs in a lot of the flats. It's a decent TV, and mine has a broken HDMI port, so I'm happy to get it for nothing. Outside of this, I've managed to salvage a cheap Android TV box and a graphics tablet. Nothing extraordinary, but it's free! I'm happy enough.

    That's all folks! It's time I got back to some proper writing. My mind now a little clearer than before, I'll smash something good out. Until the next time ♪
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