• I'm the kind of guy that just CANT do the same OVER AND OVER AND OVER or for a LONG TIME.
    Something I can't stand nor tolerate is wasting way too much time just doing ONE thing.
    I've been thinking about practicing sketching with "paint" instead of drawing with technicalities such as Gesture, Rhythm, Simmetry, Proportions, Anatomy, Light and Shadow, Composition, etc. etc. etc.
    But my mind is not like that. Teachers used to hate when I opened my fucking mouth because I was so gimmicky when I explained or do something.
    My mind needs to have a plan to do whatever I do, I have to create a path, and follow step by step all the process to do something. Sometimes, I think that I have OCD (is a trend now!) but I'm not a poser.

    I have to follow a certain logic to understand what I am doing, and planning every possible solution to any errors that might occur. If something can't be done in one way, I tend to avoid it in order to not get confussed in the process. Maybe that's why I've been procrastinating my programming studies. There are so many ways to achive one simple thing, that I can't literally get focused on one thing and my mind drifts wondering why things are like that. See? I'm doing it right now!

    Whatever... The last sketch I promised to myself to complete (The Pirates of Dark Water one) got ditched altogether... I think because I didn't liked the pose.
    I was looking for some ideas in my picture repertoire and I noticed that I have one folder with pictures of old Marvel Cards... you know... the ones that one could trade for PEPSI caps...
    And my attention was taken by an heroine called FireStar... which has the power to send microwave signals with her mind.

    MU5 073b.jpg

    I think... the cards where drawn by Jim Lee... the old days Jim Lee. I don't like the old Jim Lee... I really don't. I can tell because he has... had? the "Same Face Syndrome" and he used to do very straight and squared characters with little detail and no sense at all with the gestures and anatomy...
    The Man has made quite a progress from those days to these days. Like literally night and day difference in quality and technique. Amazing. I heard that he draws all days for 18 hours straight. That's something I should do...
    Me? I'm affraid of Tendonitis because I've broken both hands twice. Not counting my right wrist, four fingers of my right hand and my left elbow :rofl2: so I just practice some hours and I do something else...
    What can I say? I was an Sports Kid way back in my youth when I was happy and innocent. Nowadays I'm old and stupid. But anyway... since I'm old and stupid... I decided to give FireStar another chance... and I started to draw her.


    And I've made some progress in a couple hours. Been using MY PENCIL BRUSHES that are specifically designed (yes... designed) to resemble real pencils.
    So far I'm quite pleased with the pose, the lighting and the proportions. Even though I like to be naughtier with my proportions, I feel like I shouldn't do that all the time. A little variety woudln't hurt me.
    The hand that's on her face had originally the index finger touching her forehead and the thumb flexed over her nose... the intention was kinda like My hand is sending you Microwaves.
    But no matter what I did, it always looked as if she was making the Looser gesture... and looked kinda goofy.
    Now her hand has this Yes that's me kind of vibe... which is cool, I think.


    So far I don't like the design of her glasses. I gotta check those... but I'm trying to be faithful to Jim's design... that's why it also has that crazy hair. Also, I've kinda choosen the colour palette. I want Blacks Whites and Oranges with some Browns and Reds... with Pink and Puke Green... a nice colour harmony.
    Anyways... I felt like writing something... so why not? Lol... Now I feel like playing Majoras Mask. Don't know why, but who am I to deny my feelings?

    As always... I'm trying to improve the library of pictures and references that lies deep inside my mind and I haven't been using references... well... other than the card that is.
    I hate that these kind of drawings takes too long to complete... I feel like a complete failure for not being able to draw faster :(
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