• After serving my Wii U ever since getting homebrew, then both of my New Nintendo 2DS XLs, I finally stopped using my Samsung 16GB microSD card and got a Lexar 633x 32GB card for my New 2DS XL. This is big because with the new card, I can finally dump all of my cartridge 3DS games and sell them.:yay: onelastthing.png

    However, this doesn't mean my old microSD card can finally rest in peace. It'll NOW be used for my dad's Switch Lite (ironic as I own a full Switch. :switch:) That microSD card has seriously gone through TONS of things through my family.

    So I copy the stuff to a backup folder (Linux won't detect both cards at the same time using the same adapter (it had two microSD slots), and wait for it to finish. Then I copy the contents of the backup folder into the new card.

    RIP my old microSD card.:D


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