Chary So, I've been having my wisdom teeth come in the past few months. After a lot of cancelled appointments, I finally had one set for the start of next month. They'd be removing 4 teeth (back molars), and then I'd go back in a few weeks to have another 4 (wisdom teeth) removed. So, in total, a removal of 8 teeth. Now, when you have eight teeth too many in your mouth, it kinda gets cramped. I've been having chronic headaches related to it--I just take an aspirin and wait out the pain, but it's been nothing debilitating. I also was removed from my mom's work's medical insurance, because it was getting too expensive for full coverage. Which, according to the dentist, was a bad move, because only having dental insurance won't cover everything. So, I had to further put off any appointments until that was settled and everything could be paid for by insurance.

Until today.

My tooth shattered as I was laying down.

It. Hurt. A. Lot.

There was so much pressure in my head from the wisdom teeth trying to force their way through, that my (according to google) a Premolar tooth was taking the brunt, and apparently couldn't hack it one more second longer. Cuz as I was on my bed, my head hurt something awful, and then I heard a pop and the pain instantly went away for about 10 seconds before getting even worse. The tooth had just exploded in my mouth. I was stunned for a few seconds before sputtering about and spitting out the remains of my tooth.

More than half the tooth is just straight gone. I dunno what they even do for that, but my parents are getting an emergency appointment with a dentist this week, supposedly. I dunno what even the heck. I'm still a bit dazed and tearing up from the shock and pain, but I needed to just...vent, because oh my gosh my tooth seriously just freaking shattered.


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