• so there are lots of ds emulators like the trashy as fuck no$gba and slow but stable desmume and tons of others but theres one ds emulator that emerging, melonds.
    so what is melon ds? so melonds is about a ds emulator that aims to run ds games perfectly without the hell speeds of desmume, plus the fact my pc is semi potato it can be a bit annoying to use desmume i had lots of slowdowns and such that it made me sad so i went scavenging for an ds emulator.
    many months passed and couldnt find a good emulator with good speeds until...
    i was on retroarch finding some emulators to use until i found melonds, so i quickly duckduckgoed melonds to find neat features on the emulator so i quickly downloded.
    it ran like a charm! it runs great on my semi potato pc and i dont see any bad graphical glitches!

    so now time for features
    hd upscaling is a neat feature my pc can go up to 3x until i see lag it is good!
    dsi emulation is a work in progress but run better than that fucking trash no$gba though compatibility still goes to no$gba
    also WIFI WOWOWOOWOWOWOOOWOwoOWWOOWOWOWOW THE MOST AMAZING THING EVER this is the only emulator that emulates wifi which means i can connect to wiimmfi though wifi is also a w.i.p

    so in conclusion trash other emulators except drastic if you use android or reaspberry pi and use melonds!


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