blujay I just felt like saying this because there are a lot of discussions about best console, best game, who won E3, etc. Well, I'm putting this here to announce my opinion, although a lot won't care.

EA: Didn't have to watch it, I knew it would suck from the get go (Can't really vote because I don't know if I was wrong, but I'd say (based on what I heard) around a 3/10)
Microsoft: New console is cool, the went hardcore on Specs and exclusives, which was smart (7/10)
Bethesda: Never heard of 'em before E3 (because I really didn't pay attention) but damn was there presentation good. I can't even list a favorite game. VR looks good too! And console mod support! (8.5/10)
Sony: I didn't watch the whole thing, but MHW and a few other games made me rethink my decision on not buying a PS4 yet (8/10)
Nintendo: The beginning was great. Automatically announcing Rocket League was great because I've been wanting it for a long time. Then, the new Pokemon game got me really excited. AND FUCKING METROID PRIME 4 MAKES ME WANT TO GO INTO A COMA UNTIL RELEASE! I can't even describe accurately how excited I am for MP4. Mario Odyssey gameplay looks fabulous. A little disappointed no Smash, but after MP4 I didn't really care. (9/10)

Bethesda and Nintendo were the only two presentations I was able to watch fully out of sheer interest. The rest bored me.


EDIT: I forgot Ubisoft! Their games looked pretty cool (came in like Halfway through) and BGE:2 looks good. (7/10)
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