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Noctosphere By Noctosphere, Mar 11, 2018 45 3

  • So, I was tired of seeing partially my signature, and Stylish looks like bugged, since it keeps telling me to install Stylish, over and over again
    So, I'll put my signature here and put a link in my real sig...
    So, have fun with my sig ;)

    Gaming Desktop
    CPU :Intel i7-26004-core 3.4GHz
    RAM :16GB
    GPU :NVidia GTX 1060 6GB(not original)
    HDD :2TB(changed again)
    ext. HDD :6TB(Used for PlexMediaServer)
    Screen res.:1920x1080pixel
    120GB SSD Samsung 850EVO (not original)
    No cooler
    ModdedWii x1:yaywii:
    Wii U 5.5.1 x1:yayu:
    o3ds hacked with Luma(a9lh):yay3ds:
    N3ds hacked with Luma(b9s):yay3ds:
    Nintendo Switch (Neon version with zelda-themed skin:yayswitch:[Fully updated])
    Android TV x2 (FireTVx1 FireStickx1)
    Android phone x2
    The 100
    The Walking Dead
    The Magicians
    Fairy Tail (Anime)
    Naruto [Shippuden] [Boruto] (Anime)
    Pokémon (Anime)
    One Piece (Anime)
    Sword Art Online (Anime) (Haven't begun yet)
    Monster Musume (Ecchi) (Waitting for Season 2)
    Highschool DXD (Ecchi) (haven'T finished it yet)
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