Futurdreamz My rig: http://ca.pcpartpicker.com/b/8XXH99

Long story short: System was prebuilt when I got it, swapped out the 780 for a 290, and ordered a matching 290 from eBay for Crossfire because for some reason I thought it would be cheaper than just getting a 1070 (plus I've always had Nvidtel systems so I really wanted a full AMD system for once). I have a little buyers remorse, but this being the most powerful system I've ever had the remorse has insufficient context to sting.

Anyways My second r9 comes in tomorrow, I pick it up, go to work, not get home until 11:30, probably try installing it as I usually end up staying awake until 2-3 nowadays (I really really really really really *counts* really want a job where i can be in bed by 8pm if I god damn want to), then figure out how to Crossfire. Speaking of which I should really go to bed now. I ended up not sleeping much until 6am to 11ish and although I was fine I shouldn't repeat that oh wait I have Thursday night off so I can play with my system all Wednesday night but I should go to bed now.

Sorry for the two of you that subscribed if you find this a bit uninteresting - I don't know your tastes. I didn't have the magic 8 ball when I went down the line of funky logic that lead to this point, and I think it's still mad at me so i'm not going to ask what it thinks of all this.
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