• Well it started a couple weeks ago during physics class. We were doing a mandatory retake of a quiz where the teacher would take the highest grade. At that point, my grade was a solid 95 and it wouldn't be changing so I decided to not try at all. Just as we were about to start the quiz my friend who sits in fronts of me decides to challenge me on who can get exactly a 20/30 on the quiz with the winner getting eternal glory. Of course I accept and I take the quiz trying to get a 20/30. A few days later we get our quiz back and we both got a 20/30. Well, we can't both have eternal glory, so in order to decide who wins, starting tomorrow after our last final is over, we're going to be competing in a 24 hour non stop run through of the original pokemon red and blue. First one to beat gary wins. I'm pretty confident and I think I know what my team will be. If anyone wants to throw out a couple suggestions on what my team should be, feel free. My team is gonna be charizard, nidoking, starmie, mew, fearow, and eggsexcutor.

    tl;dr planning on doing a 24 hour non stop run through of pokemon red against a friend in a quest for eternal glory.


  • Devin
  • Delta517
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