• okay, so. fast forward into the year 2077. we have a giant city made out of spaceships and we also have a guy with a mohawk running around on a hoverbike. sweet.

    but, off of the streets, we have gamers. but not just any type of gamers… these are the type of gamers that will play games with their uh… penis.

    yea, well. i mean some gamers have vaginas but those gamers are boring lol(kidding, but only half<3). so, yeah. these guys got a super cool upgrade on their pc and they just need to press this little button that says, “PLEASURE”

    now, see i want to use the word orgasm. but people are very upset when i say orgasm so instead of me saying orgasm for the fourth time, i will say it is a pleasure-seizure. yes. that is trademarked so if you steal it i will sue you probably maybe.

    alright so you press that button and this funky lil arm pops out of your epic grafix-card and starts to tickle you with a long, gooey, gummy-worm with a suction-cup(for special occasions).

    in around 3 seconds, the magic wand retracts back into your pc, and you are all sprawled out on your gamer chair, having a very intense pleasure-seizure.

    you can pre-order this stunning piece of technology, for only 2 dollars in bitcoin. for 2 dollars you will get unlimited customer service provided by out alexa integrated dildo. made of aerogel and the blood of abused chickens whom smoked too much cocain while in bed.

    you will also get a free mint. (that's what interested me)


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  • Captain_N
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