• When my Nephew was a little boy, I showed him Mario on Wii and his interest was spiked. When I got a Wii U, the boy fell in love with it and immediately hassled his parents for one. He would come to my place and want to game on some MK8 and 3D World, he even bought a copy of Splatoon and would bring it to my house to play. The little shit would, however, take it home afterwards despite not having a Wii U. Eventually he got one, which meant me and him now officially owned 50% of Wii U systems in the country. It was a shameful day for the family.

    Over the years, he got into Pokemon, played a lot of the games and watched the anime. He got so into it, he had to make sure he was always up to date. This led to him watching Pokemon subtitled. He was so dedicated, he watched episodes in Spanish despite not speaking a word of the language like an anime fan in 2007 watching all of their anime on youtube. (Who remembers being able to watch parts 1 and 3 but part 2 was missing?) A few weeks ago, he was visiting and told me that he's watched so much Pokemon in Japanese that the English voices now sound weird to him. He didn't realise it, but he's now part of the Subs>Dubs club.

    When he told me that, everything fell into place. He plays Dragon Quest, he despises Fortnite and CoD, he's friends with a self-described weeb. I realised that he had fallen into the weeaboo rabbit hole and his life was over. I turned to my Niece and told her that she was this family's only hope now.

    In a few years, I know he will come to me and tell me "Uncle, I've fallen in love." When I ask him with who, he will introduce to the anime girl of the season, as he declares "Girl-chan is my Waifu." I will stroke my beard and tell him coldly "Your Waifu is trash."
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