• After the fiasco that was the visit to the embassy, we had no choice but to wait and see what exactly happens. I still needed to receive my passport and my mother and sister had to wait for the next chance they had to obtain new visas. To further complicate things, my sister was already in the process to get her papers ready to move to another nation: Argentina. With no time to waste, they began scheduling their next visit to the embassy. In the meantime my main concerns were all regarding schoolwork. Due to the fact that I had to patiently wait for my passport to arrive, I did not have a lot to distract me from finishing the school year.
    But then comes the chance to return to the embassy on February, and my mother and sister had to take it. Due to the fact that my passport was ready to go, this time I did not go to the embassy, instead I stayed back home and continued with my schoolwork. Also, this time they were flights available, so no road trips had to be taken. Unfortunately, this second attempt was also a complete fiasco. Both were rejected the chance to get a new visa, and seeing as my sister did not have much time left, this was the last chance they had to get a visa.
    Then comes April 5th, my sister officially went to the airport and left for Argentina. Leaving only my mother and I back home. To this day I still get shivers when I remember that day, my mother was completely devastated and could not stop crying. I honestly did not know what to do, but I tried to comfort her. And to make things worse, on a few months it would be my turn to leave.
    From April to June there was nothing special. We just simply had to deal with the standard issues we already had to deal with before, such as lack of water and electricity. Schoolwork was also pretty simple, so the most worthwhile aspects of these months are simply how these were the last moments I had with many of my friends.
    That's all for today, next time I will be talking about the events at the month of July, 2018 in which I would finally leave Venezuela.
    Thanks for reading. - Gabriel.


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