• I wake up in the morning and I scent the smell of something roasted, I thought that my bro was smoking in my room but I was proven wrong.
    I also saw that my PC won't turn on, I hoped it was a coincidence. Then, my uber-tech n00b dad told me that I should plug it into a different output, I regret that I did that... When I plugged it in, my System block exploded a bit. Now my entire house smells like it was on fire. And guess who's fault it is?Mine, because I "...didnt take care off ur peesee!". I'm gonna send it to the computer center in my town tommorow, I just hope my HDD is still there since I can't afford to lose the valuable stuff on it.

    Oh well, I't looks like I'll need to live out 1 day without minecraft...
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