Felek666 *TL;DR warning*
Well, I kinda would love this service unless everyone did use it the right way. Not necessarily 'pay me monthly and you will get rewards' but even a simple interaction would change everything. I don't mind getting into raffles or stuff but atleast that's something, right?
Also if i made typo (Is it Parteon or Patreon) then meh, just read.

At first glance, Patreon is just your usual 'Hey, i want your money so donate!' type of site. Expect that you pay your favourite person, community etc. etc. a amount of money monthly. Is it good for those that hardly even have money in their pockets? No.. $2 isn't enough for some patreons and this is really sad.

People create their Patreon. It can be anything, a gamer, a big company [but why?] or a simple lone-working dev which makes his damn revenue by distributing Beta's of emulators via Patreon and awaits feedback. [Which imo, could be done differently but if he's the only one working on it or it's a small team then, hey why not?] Hell, even if you're that type of person who draws doujins [hentai comics] you can also have patreon and bless your fans! [See what I did there? No? I also don't see it.]

Like, you just created a amazing software and your fans want to support you. Technically, you could go with PayPal but fuck paypal! It creates too much problems and you might end up getting $5 from 2 fans instead of $100 from 15 fans. So, Patreon is your option. Everyone can join in. Pay monthly to support such amazing dev and his software. Cool beans and you can always get a nice, warm thank you from such a small dev. [Really, pay a small, very small dev $50 and he will thank you endlessly, unless he's a cunt which will only tell you 'remember to pay next month too bby']

What i don't really understand is, why those big YouTubers create a damn Patreon? Like, fucking hell, you earn a whoopin' $150k from a single DAMN video! You want more? HUH? [Sorry, got triggered here...] Small contents creator, medium content creators, i understand. But A 5+MIL SUB YOUTUBE CHANNEL? Okay, let me end this topic here, jesus christ.

I'm not against Patreon and overally everyone who creates their Patreon on their site but... atleast give something in return. People might love you but as soon as they will see no actual stuff from you, then they will probably stop giving their money to you. [Some can't give anything so for me, thank you is enough! Literally, it makes my heart warm seeing somebody happy. But of course, some will want more... e.e]
I would already support many Patreon's but looking at my family, I would rather not. Even though, we kinda earn alot, bills take most of it.

And no, this isn't directed to Temp's patreon at all. It's just my overall feelings about this service (Can we even call it that? It's more of a subscription service...)

Ending this with a question to you temp: Would you really support Temp's Patreon if you had money? No lying here. (I actually would but honestly, i'm still kinda sceptical about how GBATemp will handle everything...)
Second question: Did you support somebody's else Patreon?
See ya in another blog posts!


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