Itzumi My first experience with homebrew had to be back in the nds days, when I got my first R4 and put some random stuff on it. i dont remember exactly what was on there, but I do remember some of it didnt work. i used that r4 for many years, until I got the DSi, after that I stayed out of homebrew for a while until about abcouple years ago, when I first came across the 3DS homebrew community.

Seeing what could be done at the time I was excited to get right to work. I checked the guide everyone uses to see what i could do. I couldnt do anything. i was too updated to hack my o2ds and install a9lh.

cut 2 years forward, and I decide to take a look at homebrew again. hiya had released and i had installed it on my dsi around that time, and as I checked the guide again, a smile grew wide on my face. i had two methods with which to install b9s. Seedminer and ntrboothax. i decided on the ntrboothax route, and bought a preflashed flashcart. It arrived about a few weeks later. as soon as i got it, i immediatly followed the guide, making a few bumps along the way.

my n2ds was bought a week or so later, and i pulled the flashcart out again to use. it took me less time since i still had the latest files on my computer.

the picture attached is all of my ds consoles lined up

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