• My dog has cancer
    They say she has a year at most left
    Sorry if I’m bitchy for awhile

    Not my hand I have paws blah blah blah cat stuff
    I uh..
    I really care about her-
    I have a lot of memory issues.
    I don’t even remember anything from before I got her.
    I’ve never
    Had a pet for their full life-
    I was always forced by others to get rid of them no matter how much I cared about them.
    But her- everyone liked her.
    Mm ;w;
    She’s only 5 too-
    She doesn’t deserve this
    She’s been through so much
    Seen so many dogs come and go while she always stayed
    She doesn’t care about anything more than protecting me and others-
    And she’s been sick over and over for years-
    Having all kinds of health problems.
    I can’t
    Handle this

    That’s all I’m going to say for now-


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