• Hello British people and dad-blog enjoyers. I’ve got a blog that both of you can enjoy especially, today. As most of you probably know, your President prime minister thingy guy just announced that the UK is on lockdown. So, mildly bored and wanting to keep my dad informed, I decided to tell him. He had no idea what I was trying to say. Clarifying what exactly a UK is...was more trouble than I thought, though.

    Me: hey dad they shut down the UK
    Dad: I’m okay, are you okay?
    Me: no...like...the U. K. country?
    Dad: what’s a you Kay?
    Me: uh Britain?
    Dad: no clue?
    Me: England?
    Dad: where?
    Me: tea people? Tut tut Cheerio with the accent?
    Dad: never heard of it
    Me: Sherlock Holmes? The country we fought a war against?
    Dad: ...iraq?
    Me: ...Manchester United’s home country
    Dad: OHHH!

    So, I’ve learned, whenever I need to tell my dad what place on the map I mean, I’ll just get a list out of sports teams. Thanks, soccer. Er, football.
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