• The latest Pokemon games have come and gone, with a myriad of love and hate for them being broadcast throughout the internet. But this fact was not known to my dad, who enjoys calling every video game a "PIKAAAAchu VHS". Thanks to the power of TV commercials, my father learned that Pokemon Let's Go was available to now buy! Excitedly, my father told me that we absolutely needed to get this game and play it right now. According to him, I hadn't talked to him about Pokemon in years! Something clearly was wrong, so he demanded that we play the game together to make sure I was okay. My mom also joined in at some points to add to the crazy factor. The next day proceeded to be full of ridiculousity.

    I tease you with a single screenshot as a prelude to the madness.


    Naming the character:
    Me: So what should we play as? The boy, or girl? What do you want your name to be?
    Dad: He doesn't look cool...
    Mom: Name her Trix! Like the cereal!
    Dad: Cereal is good! Name it that!
    Me: o-okay?

    Dad: Oh! We getting the Pika now? Where Pika?
    Me: Oh, um. Pikachu isn't in this one. Eevee is.
    Dad: What the heck is an Eevee?
    Me: It's a cute fox!
    Dad: That's not a Pika at all...

    Walking is hard:
    Me: So you move the stick where you want to go and make your character run.
    Dad: Like this?
    *character proceeds to run into the wall*
    Me: Yeah, move it whichever direction you want to go.
    Dad: *runs into trees offscreen*
    Dad: I'm having the fun!

    First battle:
    Dad: The boy! The other boy has your Pika?! You must steal it from him!
    Me: Dad, you can't steal Pokemon!
    Dad: Well it's his fault for having the Pika! Take it by the force!

    Naming Eevee:
    Me: Okay, now you have to name the little fox!
    Dad: Name it Pika!!
    Mom: No, that's dumb! Name it something cute!
    Dad: Chex Mix!
    Mom: Perfect!
    Me: But why!?

    Catching Ratatta:
    Me: This is our first wild Pokemon! That means if you want him to be your friend, you can catch him!
    Dad: Why is mouse purple?
    Mom: It's ugly, get away from it!
    Me: Wow that's mean!
    Dad: She right! It not look strong! Make it go away!

    Dad: Birdie! Get bird!
    Me: Do you like the bird? His name is Pidgey.
    Dad: Go friend the Patchy!
    Me: Okay! We got him!
    Dad: Now get another!
    Me: Oh, you only need one, dad. You can only have 6 together at once.
    Dad: He needs a friend! Get another!
    Me: Hahaha, alright, there. Do we need more?
    Dad: No! Two is good. We name one Chicken Wing and the other Feathersy! Birds must be together or else they go sad!

    Viridian Forest:
    Mom: Wait! It's the friend of Charmander!
    Dad: Flower thing!
    Me: Do you want him?
    Dad: Yes! Give me him! You can have Chicken Wing now!
    Me: What do we name Bulbasaur?
    Mom: No, his name is Squirtle!
    Me: Oh, that's the blue one.
    Dad: They're all Pika, no?
    Mom: His name will be Green Squirtle!

    First Gym:
    Me: Here's where we fight to win a gym badge!
    Mom: Do they have to fight? Doesn't the show let them win nicely? That's so mean!
    Dad: No! Is not cool if they don't fight! My pets are manly! They fight to be strong!
    Me: Make sure you use, uh, Green Squirtle! He has super powers here!
    Dad: Watch me! Super Green will be stronger than even Pika!

    [from here, I kept playing on vacation without dad. we pick back back up after Cerulean]

    Shiny savagery:
    Me: Look! This is a shiny Pokemon! They call this Ekans.
    Dad: Snake!? No! Get rid!!
    Me: But dad! He's awesome!
    Dad: We keep him, but only if you fix his name.
    Me: What kind of name do you want to give him?
    Dad: "Ew no." Ew part for being a snake! No part for being snake too!

    Dad: Where is cat?
    Me: Do you want a cat Pokemon?
    Dad: Maybe! Where do they live?
    Me: There's two, this is one of them!
    Dad: Oh! I want it!
    Me: What should be called?
    Dad: Cute!
    Me: Yeah, Meowth are very cute! Do you want a cute name?
    Dad: Yes.
    Me: ...?
    Dad: Do you not know english? I tell you name it Cute!

    Cats and birds:
    Dad: Will cat eat the birds? Maybe we should keep them away?
    Me: Pfft, they'll be fine.
    Dad: Well, I want another cat! So we should keep one bird away so they don't fight.
    Me: Um, okay. Here's the other cat Pokemon!
    Me: Oops, he got away...
    Dad: Nooo! Find him! We need it! Use the bird as bait!
    Me: Omg dad no.
    Dad: There he is again! Don't let it run!
    Me: Alright! Got it.
    Dad: This one name will be Super Fly Cat!!
    Me: I can't tell if that's better or worse than Cute.

    And, well, that's where I'll wrap up the first part of my dad's Pokemon adventure. If there's any more weird things that happen, I'll be sure to note them into another blog. Hopefully you guys find this as insane and funny as I did!
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